How To Find Work Freelancing


The word invokes images of some independantly wealthy guru enjoying the fruits of life, while others slave away at their 9-5 jobs.freelance-8 It can be quite rewarding! Imagine creating a lucrative business working for yourself.

No longer being at the mercy of someone else scheduling your life, getting to that point when you can wlk in to your job and tell your boss he’s fired!

It all does sound so nice! Making your work schedule around your life instead of trying to schedule your life and family around your job.

That is one of the perks! Everything depends on what YOU do. Which can also be a downfall. It is all on YOU. You decide your success of failure.
A budding entrepreneur cannot go very far without the proper resources and exposure.
But… Where can we Freelancers turn to find such essential resources to promote ourselves and showcase the services we provide?

My Top Four Websites For Freelance:

1) is a great website for freelancers of all skill sets to find decent paying jobs.The pay is safe guarded through an “escrow” clients deposit into once a freelancer is contracted to the job.

2) is another wonderful site. It allows you to not only find work via their website, but also keep records of jobs you are doing outside of the website.

3) is a great site! Not only is it a great site to find work, but it also allows you to connect with other like-minded individuals and potential clients.

My last one may come as quite a surprise…

4) Yes really! If you look in the Gigs underneath the job listings, there is a list of jobs that are usually short-term or looking to outsource freelancers to do the jobs. This is where I found my first freelance job, which turned into a longterm opportunity with endless possibilites.

Once you start getting yourself established and build your repertoire of quality jobs done with examples of your work, you can kiss your “job” goodbye and start enjoying your CAREER!
Happy hunting freelancers…and good luck!


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