Kelly Stand Road Green Mountains Sunderland Vt

Green Mountains near Bennington, Vermont

Green Mountains near Bennington, Vermont (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kelly Stand Road, Green Mountain State Park, Sunderland/North Bennington, NY

Some of my most cherished memories of summer are here on this long winding network of dirt roads, leading to one of the most beautiful areas in Vermont I have ever laid eyes on!

Kelly Stand (also known as the Airport Road to some) has some of the best camping spots that I have had the pleasure of experiencing.  The camping is quite remote, as opposed to overly crowded and does not have RV camping. If you like real rough neck camping (bringing the bare minimum of necessities) and going to an area with miles and miles of untamed wilderness then Green Mountain State Park is definitely the place for you!Crane Flat Campground, Site 503

The Camping area is spacious and very private. Each one has a hand build stone campfire pit, some of which have been on the site for a century! There are old rope bridges that lead to old settlement log cabins that are as historically old as the campground. The roads twist and wind majestically to scenic views that are breath-taking, ending on Somerset Road in Wilmington, Vt.

Unfortunately most of the Kelly Stand entrance to the Green Mountain State Park has been destroyed from hurricane Irene in the spring of 2010, but you can still access the camp grounds from the Somerset entrance and enjoy the park for all it’s beauty. Plans have been put in motion for the state to repair Kelly Stand Road but do not expect completion until 2014.Kelly Stand Road

The history of the campground started in the 19th Century when it served numerous logging camps and early settlements. It is nicknamed The Airport Road due to the landing area for the planes to bring supplies to the logging camps in the early 20th century. The road now serves as a snowmobile and ATV trails as well as access to the campgrounds during the summer.

The many trails and public recreation sites offer many activities for guests to the park. The beauty of the area seems to get better and better as the seasons change. The explosion of color to the foliage is one that must be seen to fully appreciate. I have fond memories of riding around up there, exploring all over the mountains. I watched as the colors of the leaves slowly changed and took my breath away when they reached their full vibrancy.

I have several pictures from there of various scenic spots,white falls over the stony brook that passes back and forth along the road and boulders that were taller than my4 yr old! Green Mountain State Park, truly is the garden of Eden for the North East! I truly left my heart on Kelly Stand Road in Sunderland Vermont!



3 thoughts on “Kelly Stand Road Green Mountains Sunderland Vt

    • Thank you Bob! I hope you enjoyed the article. I hope you didn’t miss the paragraph on how the hurricane torn apart KellyStand Road! But thank you for your input!

      • No I didn’t miss the paragraph. The Forest Service has CLOSED ALL CAMPING on Kelley Stand Road. Since the road has reopened all roadside campsites have been closed and boulders have been placed to prevent it. If you are looking for a camp site on Kelley Stand Road you would be wasting your time. There is NO CAMPING on Kelley Stand Road. But, that YOU for your reply.

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