Kelly Stand Road Green Mountains Sunderland Vt

Kelly Stand Road Green Mountains Sunderland Vt

Green Mountains near Bennington, Vermont

Green Mountains near Bennington, Vermont (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Kelly Stand Road, Green Mountain State Park, Sunderland/North Bennington, NY

Some of my most cherished memories of summer are here on this long winding network of dirt roads, leading to one of the most beautiful areas in Vermont I have ever laid eyes on!

Kelly Stand (also known as the Airport Road to some) has some of the best camping spots that I have had the pleasure of experiencing.  The camping is quite remote, as opposed to overly crowded and does not have RV camping. If you like real rough neck camping (bringing the bare minimum of necessities) and going to an area with miles and miles of untamed wilderness then Green Mountain State Park is definitely the place for you!Crane Flat Campground, Site 503

The Camping area is spacious and very private. Each one has a hand build stone campfire pit, some of which have been on the site for a century! There are old rope bridges that lead to old settlement log cabins that are as historically old as the campground. The roads twist and wind majestically to scenic views that are breath-taking, ending on Somerset Road in Wilmington, Vt.

Unfortunately most of the Kelly Stand entrance to the Green Mountain State Park has been destroyed from hurricane Irene in the spring of 2010, but you can still access the camp grounds from the Somerset entrance and enjoy the park for all it’s beauty. Plans have been put in motion for the state to repair Kelly Stand Road but do not expect completion until 2014.Kelly Stand Road

The history of the campground started in the 19th Century when it served numerous logging camps and early settlements. It is nicknamed The Airport Road due to the landing area for the planes to bring supplies to the logging camps in the early 20th century. The road now serves as a snowmobile and ATV trails as well as access to the campgrounds during the summer.

The many trails and public recreation sites offer many activities for guests to the park. The beauty of the area seems to get better and better as the seasons change. The explosion of color to the foliage is one that must be seen to fully appreciate. I have fond memories of riding around up there, exploring all over the mountains. I watched as the colors of the leaves slowly changed and took my breath away when they reached their full vibrancy.

I have several pictures from there of various scenic spots,white falls over the stony brook that passes back and forth along the road and boulders that were taller than my4 yr old! Green Mountain State Park, truly is the garden of Eden for the North East! I truly left my heart on Kelly Stand Road in Sunderland Vermont!




By Elizabeth Dimick

Webster’s dictionary describes it as: a secondary phenomenon accompanied by another one and caused by it; SPECIFICALLY: A secondary mental phenomenon that is caused by and accompanied by a physical phenomenon but has no causal influence itself.

 I NEVER looked at myself as being writer material…ever.

When I was in school and through to my mid-twenties I had and sometimes still have issues with spelling and grammar. I failed English miserably in High school, and was told they were surprised I was literate.

I never cared much for writing. I didn’t know to take the ideas in my head, and turn them into stories on the page.

 I liked poetry and creative writing which followed no standardized guidelines, but as far as essays and professional writing… I think at the time an educated primate would have a better chance at it than I would have.

That being said, I am now a fully published and credited feature writer for a widely distributed magazine in the Adirondack NY area, and soon to be a freelance contributor to one of the largest business to business newspapers in the area….I am in fact a writer!

My epiphenomenon started two years ago in my English 102 class at HVCC in Troy, NY.  My English professor was Joseph Cardillo, an author of 15 best-selling books across the nation.

He was awarded honorary PHD’s in Psychology and Neurosciences due to his investigations into the workings of the mind body and personality.

Cardillo saw in me something I had ignored my whole life. A spark of creativity tapped only by the way of pain and suffering. In the two years I sat in his Engl 102-103 classes, he helped me harness my abilities and become the writer by planting the seed of interest in my mind.

Once I started thinking about writing and about how well I could write, suddenly the more I liked it and the easier it came.

I work at home, for myself. Yes I still have a “regular job” but that’s only because my big money writing gig hasn’t started up yet… It’s coming… soon!

I have an opportunity to make $1000 a week working for myself as a freelance writer! That’s just one lead! In the time it takes to write this blog (if I did it for money) I would already have made between: $15-$25 working on a blog site writing about predetermined topics.

That’s what I like about Empower Network.

 You own the blog, you write about whatever it is you desire and generate traffic to your site and interest in your business.

 I have seen postings on freelance sites looking for content writer FOR people who own Empower Network blogs.They are making enough money from home to pay somebody else to write their blogs for them!  But I digress.

It is amazing to see how putting my mind to achieve something created the desired outcome! My other issues were always having low and negative thoughts about my actions. The outcome was always low or negative and never as good and lucrative as they could have been.

I started having this outlook on life as if I was “born to fail” all I can seem to do lately is succeed!!! I put all my positive energy and effort into an idea and it happens.

I’m not saying its magic! If anything its pure science! Energy comes in many forms and is simply an action waiting to happen.

If you focus on the action and the outcome of the action, the energy has no other choice but to follow that which it was designed to do.

 I put that in my own words but Albert Einstein said something along this very same lines of [anything th at has the potential of action is energy]

The Phenomenon was the idea that I could do something that I had always thought would never be done by me. The epiphenomenon was me actually DOING it and succeeding at making my living AS A WRITER!

All thanks to s small seed of positive energy flowing my way from and instructor that I am ever so grateful to have had the pleasure of studying under;

If a D-F student can turn her life around, Become a 3.50 GPA College student and make a lucrative business freelancing…WORKING FOR MYSELF… Than anyone can do it too!

My friend Michael Spodnick is and amazing philanthropist. He started by searching around his local communities looking for people to inspire to do better for themselves and offer solutions to their problems. He is the ultimate success story.

I have said it so many times to friends and neighbors, but it bears repeating to the world: keep your eyes out for this guy… He will be the next face you see on Success Magazine, the future poster child for creating your own wealth form home.

I am so proud of his accomplishments. He has come so far in his life. He has changed in ways that most people couldn’t do in everyday life. Now he is intrepidly paving the way for everyone to have their  fair shot at TRUE liberty. But again I digress.

The point I am making here people is that, No matter what walk of life you hail from, no matter how down out and miserly things seem….. Your future is never predetermined. It is chosen, created by the energies that you release into the world and reverberate back to you.

This isn’t magic. I am not telling you I have the ONE solution to ALL your problems. Many people have a multitude of issues, and there is no “magic pill” to cure them all…. But it’s a start to something better.

Go ahead and roll your eyes… huff and puff… and navigate away from the page if you wish. The only person you will hurt by ignoring this chance to improve your life is YOU. We won’t be offended I promise.

BUT! If you are intrigued, excited to try and help yourself and your family to have a grasp on something better… Then contact my friend Michael. Listen to what he has to say… Take in his life story and let it resonate with you….

He helped me change MY life….. And is helping other’s change their own…  Let him help YOU too…

AGAIN… He isn’t magic… he isn’t a shaman or witch Dr. He wont roll his eyes in the back of his head and magically change you… But he will help you to learn how to change your life yourself… It is all you…

Give him a shout… See it for yourself, and I hope to talk with Michael and hear about the newest person he was helped to reach their dreams!

Thurman Maple Days 2013

English: Maple sap being transformed to maple ...

English: Maple sap being transformed to maple syrup at a sugar shack in Pakenham, Ontario. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maple Syrup: The word alone brings thoughts of the Adirondacks! This time of year everywhere you go you can see the maple tree lines running from tree to tree in an effort to tap out that delicious nectar to craft into a multitude of treats and most prominently; Maple Syrup. It is no wonder that the Adirondack town of Thurman loves to celebrate this event! Maple tapping is a trade passed down through the generations starting right here in the Adirondacks by the Iroquois Indians when a Tomahawk was thrown at a maple tree and produced the sap.

The Adirondacks Account for nearly one-third of the entire State of New York’s maple syrup production, Thurman being one of the highest producers of maple sugar in the region. It is because of this ancient time-honored (and tasty) tradition, Thurman finds reason to celebrate this event with three sweet weekends of celebration abouteverything maple!

Did someone say Pancakes?

The festivities Begin on the weekend of March 9th &10th with a panc

ake break­fast at the Valley Road Maple Farm on 190 Valley Rd in Thurman from 9a.m.-1p.m every Saturday and Sunday morning of the Maple Days celebration ending on Sunday March 24th. There will be an Open House with FREE tours of all the sugar houses in Thurman after the Pancake Breakfast start­ing with the Valley Road Maple Farm after you have enjoyed your pancakes. The tours will be held every weekend of the Maple Days. Stack of original pancakes

The other farms on Open House are; Martin’s Lumber and Lucyann’s Crafts, 280 Valley Rd; Nettle meadow Farm 484 South John­sburg Road; Adirondack Gold Maple Farm 74 Bear Pond Road and Toad Hill Maple Farm 151 Charles Olds Road all farms are in Thurman/ Athol, N.Y. of course! Be sure to stop in at all the Farms as they are all unique. Not all are exclusively maple farms. Some have other interesting crafts and trades to display. Most importantly, each farm makes their own special maple products, has developed their own style on boiling Syrups and making treats.

On Sunday March 10th the Town Of Thurman will throw its annual Maple Sugar Party at the Town Hall on 311 Athol Rd. Athol N.Y. which begins at 4 P.M. with an all you can eat buffet which boasts it famed maple dessert “Jack Wax”. If you don’t know what Jack Wax is, you better make it up to Thurman and take the tour! Then try some at the Maple Party! Entertainment will be hosted by the some of the local bands of the Thurman/Athol area.

Maple Days in Thurman are sure to be a REAL treat.

So…How do you like your pancakes? Plain, covered in toppings, with fruit or without. Do you have a family recipe? Let us know!

How To Find Work Freelancing


The word invokes images of some independantly wealthy guru enjoying the fruits of life, while others slave away at their 9-5 jobs.freelance-8 It can be quite rewarding! Imagine creating a lucrative business working for yourself.

No longer being at the mercy of someone else scheduling your life, getting to that point when you can wlk in to your job and tell your boss he’s fired!

It all does sound so nice! Making your work schedule around your life instead of trying to schedule your life and family around your job.

That is one of the perks! Everything depends on what YOU do. Which can also be a downfall. It is all on YOU. You decide your success of failure.
A budding entrepreneur cannot go very far without the proper resources and exposure.
But… Where can we Freelancers turn to find such essential resources to promote ourselves and showcase the services we provide?

My Top Four Websites For Freelance:

1) is a great website for freelancers of all skill sets to find decent paying jobs.The pay is safe guarded through an “escrow” clients deposit into once a freelancer is contracted to the job.

2) is another wonderful site. It allows you to not only find work via their website, but also keep records of jobs you are doing outside of the website.

3) is a great site! Not only is it a great site to find work, but it also allows you to connect with other like-minded individuals and potential clients.

My last one may come as quite a surprise…

4) Yes really! If you look in the Gigs underneath the job listings, there is a list of jobs that are usually short-term or looking to outsource freelancers to do the jobs. This is where I found my first freelance job, which turned into a longterm opportunity with endless possibilites.

Once you start getting yourself established and build your repertoire of quality jobs done with examples of your work, you can kiss your “job” goodbye and start enjoying your CAREER!
Happy hunting freelancers…and good luck!

Feature Article for Adirondack Guest Infomer

Feature Article for Adirondack Guest Infomer

Adirondack Guest Informer33RD Annual Empire State Winter Games, Lake Placid, N.Y. – 2013

By Elizabeth A. Dimick

The Empire State Win­ter Games (ESWG) is a multi-sport event founded in 1978, by Governor Hugh Cary. It is of­ficially over seen by the Federa­tion Internationale De Ski (FIS). The games quickly turned into a seasonal tradition to not only to the community members of the Adirondacks but to New York­ers state wide. Funding was then cut for ESWG due to a FISCAL crisis in 2009. The games were to be permanently discontinued in 2010. The event is described by the ESWG official website as being: “The largest multi-sport amateur athletic sporting event in North America.”

It comes as no surprise that the communities surrounding the ADK pulled together quickly with the founder’s son Michael G. Carey to form the none-for-profit Empire State Sports Foundation. The ESSF has kept the games running since the plan to discontinue ESWG was announced.

On February 7th 2013, The Empire State Winter Games is set to kick off its 33rd annual Olympic style regional tour­naments. The sporting event begins on Thursday Feb. 7th 2013 and runs until Sunday Feb.11th 2013. Several event venues are to be hosted by ORDA (Olympic Regional Development Authority).

There will be no lack of excite­ment at ESWG with events that will have competitors facing incredible challenges and show­casing their abilities. The most exiting competitions include:

Alpine Skiing: Competitors make a speedy dash down the mountain course comprised of paired red and blue poles that form gates. The competi­tors must pass both ski tips and feet through the gates to have it count. The course has 55-75 pole gates for men, and 40-60 pole gates for women. Poles are 30ft apart by a vertical distance and 6ft apart by horizontal distance. The competitor with the shortest time wins.

Ski Cross (SX) and Snow­boarding Cross (SBX): Com­petitors first run a timed solo run to establish seeds for heats. (It is remarkably similar to qualify­ing in a NASCAR race). As the individuals qualify for their positions, the top two will advance to the next heat and the bottom two drop out. Seeds get to choose the lane they are at the starting gate of the main compe­tition. The competitors line up at the starting gate then speed around gates on a racetrack full of banked turns, jumps, and roll­ers. The event has proven tre­mendously exciting for the spec­tators and competitors alike!

Biathlon: a word used todescribe a sport comprised of two or more is usu­ally referring to the winter sport that combines cross-country skiing and riffle shooting! The biathlon competition is a race where one skis on a cross-coun­try track, which is broken up by areas where you must shoot at a target from either a prone or standing position with a small bore riffle. The contestants shooting performance can add time or distance to completion for the competitor. The person who can finish the race with the shortest time wins.

Bobsledding: 2-4 people push a nose heavy sled on an ice track for 50 meters then climb aboard for a speedy and thrilling ride to the finish line. There times are counted to the 100th of a second to determine the winner, so any mishaps during any part of the race can prove disastrous for the competitors at the finish line. With speeds over 100mph, this event is sure to get you heated up.

The Luge: It is much like Bobsledding except, competi­tors ride lying on their backs face up in a sled and race down an ice track. The speeds of this game are said to reach as fast as 89mph, steering only with calve and shoulder muscles.

The Skeleton: Unlike bobsled­ding, skeleton has a competitor lying face down on his tobog­gan like sled flying down an ice track! The competitor can experience forces as strong as 5G’s during the rocketing ride down the track! The only break­ing or steering the person has are especially designed rakes on the toes of their boots or to shift their weight on the sled. Though this is not an Olympic sport there is World Championships as well as a World Cup in this division.

Figure skating: The most talented adults and children from all the corners of N.Y. come to ESWG to compete in the figure skating tournament. There are a multitude of divisions and metals to be won in many of the divisions.

There are so many events going on at ESWG, it is im­possible to list them all in one article. The devote efforts of the communities surrounding the Adirondacks coming togeth­er to save the ESWG event is incredible. Come and help them celebrate this annual event that has meant so much to them!

For more information on Empire State Winter Games please visit:

Or contact them at:

P: 800-447-5224

F: 518-523-2605

Postal Address:

Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism/Lake Placid CVB

2608 Main Street,

Lake Placid, NY 12946

Winter 2013 15