Thurman Maple Days 2013

English: Maple sap being transformed to maple ...

English: Maple sap being transformed to maple syrup at a sugar shack in Pakenham, Ontario. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maple Syrup: The word alone brings thoughts of the Adirondacks! This time of year everywhere you go you can see the maple tree lines running from tree to tree in an effort to tap out that delicious nectar to craft into a multitude of treats and most prominently; Maple Syrup. It is no wonder that the Adirondack town of Thurman loves to celebrate this event! Maple tapping is a trade passed down through the generations starting right here in the Adirondacks by the Iroquois Indians when a Tomahawk was thrown at a maple tree and produced the sap.

The Adirondacks Account for nearly one-third of the entire State of New York’s maple syrup production, Thurman being one of the highest producers of maple sugar in the region. It is because of this ancient time-honored (and tasty) tradition, Thurman finds reason to celebrate this event with three sweet weekends of celebration abouteverything maple!

Did someone say Pancakes?

The festivities Begin on the weekend of March 9th &10th with a panc

ake break­fast at the Valley Road Maple Farm on 190 Valley Rd in Thurman from 9a.m.-1p.m every Saturday and Sunday morning of the Maple Days celebration ending on Sunday March 24th. There will be an Open House with FREE tours of all the sugar houses in Thurman after the Pancake Breakfast start­ing with the Valley Road Maple Farm after you have enjoyed your pancakes. The tours will be held every weekend of the Maple Days. Stack of original pancakes

The other farms on Open House are; Martin’s Lumber and Lucyann’s Crafts, 280 Valley Rd; Nettle meadow Farm 484 South John­sburg Road; Adirondack Gold Maple Farm 74 Bear Pond Road and Toad Hill Maple Farm 151 Charles Olds Road all farms are in Thurman/ Athol, N.Y. of course! Be sure to stop in at all the Farms as they are all unique. Not all are exclusively maple farms. Some have other interesting crafts and trades to display. Most importantly, each farm makes their own special maple products, has developed their own style on boiling Syrups and making treats.

On Sunday March 10th the Town Of Thurman will throw its annual Maple Sugar Party at the Town Hall on 311 Athol Rd. Athol N.Y. which begins at 4 P.M. with an all you can eat buffet which boasts it famed maple dessert “Jack Wax”. If you don’t know what Jack Wax is, you better make it up to Thurman and take the tour! Then try some at the Maple Party! Entertainment will be hosted by the some of the local bands of the Thurman/Athol area.

Maple Days in Thurman are sure to be a REAL treat.

So…How do you like your pancakes? Plain, covered in toppings, with fruit or without. Do you have a family recipe? Let us know!